Unlock the secrets of e-marketplaces, how they work,
when they work, and whether you should participate in it or not
Supply Chains, Value Nets,
and E-Marketplaces
All the information and knowledge
you require to develop a plan of action
to get the best results from your
strategic partners and collaborators.
It will position you for success in
the networked economy.

Make it Happen with
Dan Khanna
Highly Acclaimed Silicon Valley E-Business Strategist & Advisor 
with more than 25 years experience with Silicon Valley High Tech firms 
Author of the international bestseller,
The Rise, Decline and Renewal of Silicon Valley’s High Technology Industry

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W H Y  A T T E N D

Internet and e-commerce has transformed how firms communicate, interact, and conduct business with their buyers, suppliers, and strategic partners. In an interconnected and networked economy, firms must craft strategies and create new business models that allow them to communicate with their partners and customers in real-time. 

Internet and Web technologies provide great opportunities for firms to expand their customer reach, buying power, and reduce operational costs. As firms concentrate on their core competence, they are outsourcing processes and activities that are not part of their core business. Successfully working outside the business walls is now more important than managing within the internal business structure. 

Pressure from customers is increasing relentlessly. Today, just about everybody wants customized products-right away, and perfectly bundled with high value services. Using advanced supply chain thinking, companies organized around an emerging business design called a “value net” have been able to deliver superior customer satisfaction and sustained value growth. 

Are supply chain problems constantly hurting your company? Are you experiencing acute shortage of key products and declining customer satisfaction levels? Are you losing market share to competitors due to recurring supply chain miscues? Then it is time to reconsider and reevaluate your supply chain model. It may be time for you to migrate to value net or e-marketplace model. 

Traditional supply chain models may work for some. But, most firms have to move to value nets or emarketplace models to remain competitive in the new economy. 

Value nets are digital powerhouses that fuel business results. Supply chains are traditional operational functions. To succeed in the new economy, an organization must transform its supply chain model to value net model. What is a value net? How does it differ from a supply chain? While supply chain is an operational function, value net is a strategic function. 

Business leaders, market researchers, and Wall Street agree B2B eCommerce will be a dominant business initiative across all industries in the future. There is also agreement that the vast majority of all eCommerce transactions will occur within B2B exchanges and net markets. 

BY 2004, B2B competition and market demand will force virtually every company to become strategically involved in several Net markets or exchanges.

Compared to traditional supply chain interactions, collaborative commerce transactions through exchanges, Net markets and other online trading hubs result in huge efficiencies and cost savings, and provide novel ways for businesses to interact with customers, partners, suppliers, and employees. Because of these advantages, and many more, organizations are scrambling to develop and execute their Net market strategies. 

Supply chains, value nets, and e-marketplaces are different models that firms must consider and adopt to remain competitive in the global economy. But, you must know the value, advantage, and risks of each model.

As e-marketplaces move from drawing board to reality, the key questions are: Which will thrive, which will fail, and why? What operational and marketing surprises are e-marketplaces encountering, and how well are they responding? Which industries are most receptive and which are least receptive? How do you define your company’s strategy for participating in – or building e-marketplaces? 

Define your optimal strategy for profiting from e-marketplaces and master today’s best practices for achieving maximum cost savings, speed, and flexibility. Understand leading approaches to e-marketplaces by comparing the benefits, costs, and risks of supply chain marketplaces, vertical and horizontal trading hubs, sites deployed by enterprise software firms, and other alternatives. 

Where will your company get the product, process, and service it needs to remain viable and competitive in the future? Will you do everything yourself? If you do outsource, how will you work with your partners? How would you expand your supply chain to become a value net? Do you want to participate in an e-marketplace? How do you evaluate the costs, IT infrastructures, and communication relationships?

This powerful program unlocks the thinking behind the creation and implementation of a value net. Through examples of organizations using value net, it explains how companies have built value nets and how these new design helped companies achieve superior profitability and customer satisfaction. 

This program will unlock the secrets of e-marketplaces, how they work, when they work, and whether you should participate in it or not. 

This intensive seminar will give you all the information and knowledge you require to develop a plan of action to get the best results from your strategic partners and collaborators. It will position you for success in the networked economy.

Key Objectives

  • To understand the 
    • role and limitations of traditional supply chains
    • power of value-nets
    • role and implications of the e-marketplaces
  • To assist you to 
    • choose the right model
    • develop a framework for implementation of value nets and e-marketplaces
Program Benefits
  • You will learn how Value Nets create better value than supply chains in the e-business world
  • You will learn how eMarkets and exchanges are fueling dynamic B2B eCommerce
  • Best practices of successful eMarket companies
  • The different eMarket models, and how to evaluate each for your business
  • The technology building blocks of an exchange
  • What standards and rules govern eMarkets?
  • How to maximize and extend the supply chain?
  • Key concepts and limitations of supply chain management, include quick and accurate response capabilities
  • How to devise strategies to manage demand and supply uncertainty
  • How to improve profitability and customer satisfaction
  • You will learn how recent developments in information systems and telecommunication technologies, together with sophisticated decision support systems, have created the opportunity for revolutionizing manufacturing and logistics
  • Integrating your business strategy with value nets and e-marketplace models.
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  • W H O  S H O U L D  A T T E N D
    • Business executives, directors, and managers responsible for strategic partnerships, business process re-engineering, supply chain strategy, or logistics management.
    • Managers of areas affected by supply chain issues, such as operations, quality, customer service, and manufacturing. Business and technology executives, directors, and managers charged with developing and implementing supply chain and emarketplaces. 
    Team attendance highly recommended
    This is to facilitate successful implementation of the theory learned and establish a common framework to use in the real-life environment.

    Certificate of Participation will be awarded.

    P R O G R A M   C O N T E N T
    • The traditional supply chain: its power and limitations
    • The shift to Collaborative business models: the future
    • Transfer your organization to conduct business digitally, collaboratively, and profitably
    • Supply chain e-process automation
    • Supply chain management strategies in e-commerce
    • Supply chain dynamics and coordination
    • Customizing supply chain for competitive advantage
    • A new framework for developing a supply chain strategy
    • How supply structures change over time
    • Supply chains in the age of e-business
    • The Power of Value Nets
    • Value Nets and Business Design
    • The Value Proposition of Value Net
    • Scope: Deciding Where and How to Play
    • Profit Capture: Casting the Net
    • Designing Value Net for Execution
    • eMarketplace Deployment and Operations
    • Buying and Selling in the B2B world
    • Supply chain integration and extension
    • Dynamic marketplace models
    • Making the most of e-marketplaces
    • Strategic partnering and outsourcing
    • Supply chain integration and e-business strategy
    • Decision support systems
    • Choosing the right model for you
    • Rules for transformation.
    R E G I S T R A T I O N   D E T A I L S
    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Those who attended this program in the past also signed up
    Sign up for all and take 10% off the total investment
    July 4-5, 2001
    9.00am - 5.00pm
    Crystal Crown, Petaling Jaya
    (along Jalan Utara)
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