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A module of the Approved Training Program for the “ISO Certified In Marketing & Sales” certification, accredited by the Dutch Council for Accreditation

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  • W H Y  A T T E N D

  • A two-day participative program for service providers at all levels in all industries. 

    EVERYBODY HAS CUSTOMERS. The main purpose of work in any organization is to serve the customer. Everything else is secondary. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in — whether it’s retail or service operation, from supermarkets and restaurants to insurance and banking, government or private utilities to the tourism industry.  Serving customers is what it’s all about

    Let’s face it: one slight mistake in serving one customer in today’s extremely competitive business environment means millions of ringgit down the drain. 

    Your company’s customers don’t deal with just your company alone; they have hundreds of other suppliers. Whatever excellent service they receive from one becomes a yardstick for their dealing with others, even from totally different industries.

    Today, it’s corporate suicide for your staff to take customer service lightly. Your people cannot afford just to show that they care.

    Customers are no more numbers or statistics; neither are they “markets,” “marketing,” or “territory.”  Without customers, your products or services remain on the shelf. Without them, there’s no income, no salary for everybody in the company.

    It’s necessary, therefore, that your staff genuinely care.  No mere lip service. Today’s customer is Boss!

     By the end of the workshop, participants will become familiar with a range of innovative customer service concepts, see the strategic advantage of being customer focused, get some ideas on reshaping the workplace to reach your company goals, know how to fulfill their personal goals as well as company goals, learn new options for handling customer conflict and making it a resource, and know how to turn prospects into customers, and customers into advocates.

    Workshop Methodology
    G. K. Lim offers the best opportunities for skills transfer into the work/marketplace by using a combination of

    • expert input
    • practice, and
    • small group sessions 
    For maximum learning impact and retention, learning tools include
    • case studies
    • role modeling
    • practical exercises
    • on-going review and
    • techniques from the following adult learning processes
      • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
      • Integrative Learning
      • Accelerated Learning
      • Competency-based training and development

      • Whole-brain Alpha-theta Inducing.
    Something to Take Back
    Once the skills are transferred, participants bring them back to the marketplace to practise on-the-job. Each participant will have a workshop-manual-cum-resource-book, includes key ideas from the train-ing session, which they can refer to in the months and years to come.

    In addition to that, GK Lim offers a free two-year post-training follow-up in the form of an ezine called “Partners,” emailed to participants twice a month. “Partners” is a continuing training and education tool PMEE’s — profession-als, managers, executives, and entrepreneurs.  Each issue features articles on personal and business development, useful Internet links to other articles of interest to PMEE’s, humor and inspirational quotations.

    ISO Sales Personnel Certification
    This workshop is a module of “The Results Oriented Strategic & Tactical Sales Process” program, the flagship program of the ISO CMS Approved Training Center, CSCMS Sdn Bhd.  Candidates working for the prestigious ISO CMS (Certified In Marketing & Sales), accredited by the Dutch Council for Accreditation, a country member of ISO (International Organization for Standardization), need to attend this program as one of the requirements for the ISO award.

    Book your seats now! Tel: (03) 7044 666 / 777 / 888, fax: 03-7044 484 or e-mail: .

    W H O  S H O U L D  A T T E N D

    Anybody in the company who comes into contact with customers, directly or indirectly, in person or by any other means. This includes sales people, receptionists, telephone operators, clerks, and personnel in charge of service, maintenance, warehousing, distribution, and accounts.

    This is to facilitate successful implementation of the theory learned and establish a common framework to practice in real-life environment.

    Certificate of Participation will be awarded.

    P R O G R A M   C O N T E N T

    Offering excellent customer service is good -- but what will it do for me, huh?"
    Appealing to the WIIFM (What's in it for me?) need in every company employee.  Discussing and listing all the personal and career benefits an employee gets when he or she is really focused on offering fantastic customer service. Exercise: What is the name of your company?  Who are the share holders?  Who are your customers?

    Introductory case studies
    The case studies of Rosie and of the Scandinavian Airlines experience -- two cases to drive home the need for good customer service

    Why quality service is important
    Discussing why the world is truly a global village, and what happens in one industry will definitely affect another industry.  Why today's customers are smarter, better informed, and more vocal.

    Being a customer yourself
    Group work: Describe a pleasant experience you had as a customer; then describe an unpleasant experience, and then discuss how you felt.

    We are dealing with human beings
    Characteristics of the people business.  Factors in human relationships relevant to good customer service.

    Emotional Intelligence
    Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the human side of customer service.  Participants discover that EI is a synergistic combination of two intelligences -- intrapersonal intelligence and interpersonal intelligences.  A discussion of the works of Daniel Coleman and Stephen Covey, the two more famous exponents of EI.  Discussing the intrapersonal intelligence aspect and the interpersonal intelligence aspect of EI

    Understanding yourself
    What makes an ideal customer service person.  When you understand yourself, you know how to serve customers better.

    Excuses for not giving good customer service
    Write down some common excuses people give for offering indifferent or poor customer service, and then discuss why -- and how to overcome them.

    Your internal customers
    How making internal customers happy help you serve external customers better.

    The MOT (moment of truth) in customer service
    That psychological moment that helps your customer decide whether or not to come back to your company for more products/services.

    Customer service is all about communications
    Why people misunderstand you.  Communication filters that affect your message.  How to listen for hidden needs.  The essential ingredients of active listening.

    The telephone
    Why it is both an ally and an adversary.  How to make it work for you.  Examples of good telephone usage.  What destructive anti-customer telephone behavior is.

    Annoying things people say or do on the phone
    What are the annoying things that happen when you call someone in another company or another department?

    Specific telephone techniques
    How to accept calls, transfer calls, what to say, and how to say it.  It's how you say it that's important.

    Why customers stop buying from your company
    Group work: discuss the reasons why

    Complains, complains
    We want customers to complain.  If customers complain, that's good news!  Why complains exist.  What to do when a complaint arises.  Positive results of working with complains and difficult customers.

    Cost of a lost customer
    Companies make more money when customers keep coming back for more products/services.  To lose a customers is disastrous.

    Murphy's Law
    Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong!

    The Ron Zemke service disaster recovery process
    How to recover from a mistake.  Case study.  Discussing the famous Ron Zemke formula.

    R E G I S T R A T I O N   D E T A I L S
    Find out more about these highly recommended programs:
    Sign up for all and take 10% off the total investment
    July 25-26, 2001
    9.00am - 5.00pm
    Crystal Crown Hotel
    Jalan Utara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
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