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It is not uncommon to yield a 30% increase in business and household accounts. This programme will show you how!

  • Branch-Based Marketing provides tremendous opportunities to develop targetted marketing programmes which better meet customer needs
  • The application of Branch-Based Marketing skills and tools will drive additional new business development on existing relationships and increased traffic 
Led by
Steven Lesser
Highly Acclaimed Industry & Services Strategist Worldwide
Widely Published Author on Issues affecting Business and Industry
95% of participants rated the overall quality of the workshop as either “excellent” or “outstanding”
100% of participants stated that they would recommend the program to others in their organization!
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  • W H Y  A T T E N D
    Are Your Branches Taking Full Advantage
    of Marketing Opportunities in Their Areas?
    Businesses today face unprecedented challenges. In the face of these current challenges, there will be further emphasis on augmenting branch revenue and profit.  Branch-Based Marketing relies on effective utilisation of information to provide the right product to the right people through proactive marketing programmes.

    Consider the following key drivers:

    • The Malaysian retail market is 40% oversupplied

    • How will your organisation survive?
    • Retail chains are centralising their support functions and improving technology to meet increasing pressure to respond to customer needs

    • How will your organisation use branch networks to meet this challenge?
    • Branch managers, area and regional Managers must make the transition from operations to marketing and sales

    • How will yours do it?
    • What's in a "Name"?

    • How will your branch network compete against "signature" stores and be profitable?
    • Research and studies have shown that customers want a branch network to better serve their needs, but different from what is in operation today

    • How will you position your branches and staff to meet these need and be profitable?

    A highly tactical 2-day seminar. If there was ever a time to transform your branch-based marketing strategies...  IT IS NOW!
    BRANCH-BASED MARKETING is a key component of an overall programme to build market share by being able to leverage its competitive advantage, attack the market, build customer loyalty and meet customer needs.

    Programme Objectives

    • Review successful tactics for the strategic marketing of your products and services
    • Expand strategic marketing for your business using your unique branch distribution network - how to derive increased value from your costly branch network
    • Build synergy between the strategic, national marketing and product programmes of your business and your branch marketing efforts
    • Enhance partnering and teamwork between the strategic marketing push and the tactical implementation of sales and service delivery through your branch network
    • Understand retail branch distribution strategies for increased profits
    • Learn the impact of "alternative delivery channels" on branch networks.

    Research and experience have shown that many branch managers involved in local  marketing efforts, tend to be reactive in their activities. The overall goal of Branch-Based Marketing is to provide the process, skills and tools to enable local managers to be more proactive and effective in their marketing planning and execution.

    You will learn how to:

    • Analyse branch trade areas more effectively in terms of potential and current customers and the competition
    • Evaluate the strategic level the branch's current competitive business situation in terms of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
    • Target specific markets or customer groups within specific trade areas for concentrated marketing activity
    • Create long-range marketing strategies that support the overall business strategy
    • Plan and implement national and branch marketing efforts that leverage corporate resources efficiently and cost-effectively
    • Monitor and track the effectiveness of local marketing programmes on the basis of expected-to-actual results and return on investment
    • Modify and adjust marketing strategies and plans on the basis of  market changes, program effectiveness and product development.
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    W H O  S H O U L D  A T T E N D

    Immediate benefit to all companies with a retail/sales distribution plan/strategy/network. This includes consumer and industrial goods companies, retail organisations and service businesses such as insurance, banks and technology services.

    Immediate relevance to 

  • Presidents/CEO's/Managing Directors
  • Heads of Retail, Commercial, Corporate Operations
  • Heads of Marketing and their staff
  • Heads of Branch Operations
  • Heads and Managers involved with product development
  • Zone/Regional/Area Managers
  • Senior Branch Managers
  • Telemarketers and Telephone Service Centre Managers and
  • Supervisors who deal with branch domiciled clients
  • Managers and Executives involved in the marketing/sales development and implementation of marketing plans
  • Team attendance highly recommended
    This is to facilitate successful implementation of the theory learned and establish a common framework to practice in real-life environment.

    Certificate of Participation will be awarded.
    R A F F L E   D R A W !

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    P R O G R A M   C O N T E N T

    Case Study Approach is used throughout the program. Each phase of the branch-based marketing process is applied to the case in class discussion and team exercises.

    Strategic Management And Marketing

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Understanding Buying Behavior
  • Direct Response Marketing
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Communications Strategy
  • Delivery Systems Strategy
  • An Organisational Look At Strategic Marketing
  • Introduction
  • Business Trade Areas
  • Linking National and Local Marketing
  • Micromarketing to Win
  • Why Branch-Based Marketing Works
  • Key Marketing Concepts
  • Marketing versus Sales
  • Who owns Branch-Based Marketing
  • Success Factors Self-Assessment
  • Key Branch-Based Marketing Elements

    Finding Opportunities

  • Critical Information Needs
  • Data Collection Methods
  • Market Information Planner
  • Branch Environment Analysis
  • Define, Segment and Prioritise Local Markets
  • Building Effective Marketing Plans
  • Gap Analysis
  • Branch Marketing Objective
  • Long-Range vs Short Range Plans
  • Pro-active vs Reactive Approach
  • Relationship vs Product Orientation
  • Marketing By The Calendar
  • Creating Effective Marketing Calendars
  • Timing is Everything
  • Setting Expectations
  • Targeting Opportunities
  • Timeline Marketing Techniques
  • Team Based Marketing
  • Planning Your Promotion
  • Resourcing Marketing Activities
  • Costs of Marketing
  • Time as a Marketing Tool

    Measuring Results

  • "Expected" vs "Actual" Results
  • Calculating Marketing Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Implementing Your Promotion
  • Planning Successful, On-Going activities
  • Creating a Successful Marketing and Sales Culture
  • Keeping the Marketing Organisation in place
  • Winning the Marketing Battle
  • A "hypothetical" branch will be used. Participants work with background information about the branch in the context of full group and team exercises to promote interaction and feedback
  • Cases presented include examples from Malaysian, Australian, New Zealand, U.S., banks and other industries as instructional tools for participants to practice process steps, process tools, concepts and skills.

    This programme incorporates a series of proprietary tools that support implementation. These include:

  • Market Information Planner
  • Target Market Map
  • Setting Strategic Objectives
  • Gap Analysis
  • Marketing Calendar
  • Programme Plan
  • Activity Timeline Chart
  • Activity Cost Worksheet
  • Return on Investment Worksheet

  • Branch Environment Analysis
    R E G I S T R A T I O N   D E T A I L S
    Also find out more about these highly recommended programs:
    INSIGHT: Problem Solving Workshop
    Presentation Skills
    Client Focus - Building Consultative Relationships
    June 28-29, 2001
    9.00am - 5.00pm
    Century Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
    (along Jalan Bukit Bintang)
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