"Rayma... must rank as the
noisiest and most aggressive
conference organizer in the country"
~ Business Times.
Below are a few articles in the media over the years. A few because many are repetitive and we've also left out the boring stuff such as program announcements and the likes. We hope the articles below would be of value and an inspiration to you...

Lifetime gain from seminars
The Sun Business/Home Monday November 28, 1994

Career Profile: Pat Lu
Her World April 1994

Need for a harder push overseas
Business Times Hotels & Convention Facilities Friday June 30, 1989

Trio's confidence paves way to success
The New Straits Times Times Two Thursday January 26, 1989

Another door opens for IT enthusiasts
The Star  In-tech/Education Tuesday September 20, 1988

Seminar organizing is more competitive
Business Times Tuesday April 19, 1988

"Creativity, flexibility and a strong streak of daredevil is what it takes to succeed against all odds. To Pat, nothing is impossible" ~ Her World

When Pat Lu announced she was going on leave June 1992, we thought she was going off for the day or two - finally - she doesn't know how to stop working - that's her 'playtime'. Instead, she took 6 months off. After a couple of days reading novels and watching videos, as normal people would, she was bored stiff. She mastered tennis and went back to school.

When Pat announced she was going on leave again November 1998, we thought the same - perhaps a day or two. Instead, she took time off for a whole year! Below are her adventures into uncharted territories...

Bid to help economy recovery
NSTPi Friday December 4 1998

Guna Internet Promosi Pelancongan Negara
Berita Harian 10 March 1999

Malaysian group offers electronic form letter to promote tourism
Asian Wall Street Journal Friday-Saturday January 29-30 1999

'Cyber warriors' to promote Malaysia abroad
The New Straits Times Thursday February 18, 1999

A Salute to Pat Lu and her 'Pahlawans'
Partners March 1999

A world that knows no distance
Sin Chew Jit Poh Sunday October 10, 1999

The Time Chaser
Asia Inc November 1999

Building a self-reliant community and instilling values in children
November 4, 1999

Lu's undaunted by the challenge
The Malay Mail Saturday November 13, 1999

Eurasian group to hold X'mas bazaar
The Star November 18, 1999

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