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A brief overview of RAYMA's happenings since 1987...

American Management Association International, USA
Learning Edge International, Singapore

  • The Strategic Benchmarking Seminar ('97)
  • Developing Executive Leadership in Times of Crisis ('98)
  • High Performance Skills for Professional Executive Secretaries and Senior Adminstrative Assistants ('99)

Ansoff Associates, USA

  • Managing Strategy & Capability Transformation Dr Igor Ansoff ('93)

Asian Institute of Management, Philippines

  • Applied Marketing Research Dr Eduardo Roberto ('88-'93)
  • Bank Marketing Research Dr Eduardo Roberto ('88)
  • Controlling and Motivating the Sales Forces Dr Jose Faustino ('88-'90)
  • How to Prepare Project Feasibility Studies Dr Jose Castillo III ('90)

Benelink Sdn Bhd (sponsor)

  • The Power of Possibility Dr Robert Schuller ('98)

Boston Graduate School of Management, Boston University, USA

  • Strategies and Tactics of Pricing Dr Reed Holden ('92-'95)

BRG Interactive Digital Media Sdn Bhd

  • Website Marketing: Maximizing Visibility on the Internet ('99)
  • Marketing on the Net: CEO/Senior Management Briefing ('99)
  • Implementing an Effective and Highly Profitable E-Commerce Strategy ('99)
  • Winning Customers with E-Commerce (2000) Gerard KM Lim

Broadscope Management Expertise Sdn Bhd

  • National Conference on How to Prepare for a Listing on the KLSE 2nd Board ('88) officiated by YB Senator Mohamed Farid Ariffin, Malaysian Deputy Minister of Finance

Business Knowledge Transfer Ltd, UK

  • The Complete Strategic Business Planning Process ('92) Clive Reading

CBA Office Systems Sdn Bhd

  • Computer Crime and Security in a PC Environment ('90-'91)
  • Viruses and Virus Control ('90)
  • Disaster and Recovery Planning ('90)
  • Local Area Networks: Choices, Implementation and Organization
  • Managing Computer Projects ('91)

CCR Consulting Group, USA

  • How to Profit from the New Directions in Advertising, Promotion & Marketing Strategies led by Stan Rapp, author of MaxiMarketing ('91)

The Chartered Association of Certified Accountants, UK

  • The Certified Diploma in Accounting and Finance
  • Effective Marketing of Professional Services

Darden Business School, University of Virginia, USA

  • The Role of Production Planning and Inventory Control in Manufacturing Strategy
  • Creating a Highly Competitive Workforce
  • Competitive Uses of Cost Information to Aid Strategic Decision Making ('92)

Dundee Institute of Technology, UK

  • The Star Education Fair '90

EuropeanInstituteof Business Administration (INSEAD)

  • The Leadership Challenge ('91) Dr Manfred Kets de Vries

Harvard Business School Alumni Club of Malaysia

  • 5th Senior Management Development Program ('88)

Harvard Business School, USA

  • Creating Competitively Focused & Customer Driven Organizations
  • Managing Change in Organizations
  • Product Management in the 1990s ('91)
  • Advertising & Sales Promotion Management ('92)
  • Global Brand Marketing and Positioning Strategies 1999 and Beyond
    Dr John A Quelch

Horwath Franchising Services, Australia

  • How to Grow and Expand Your Business Through Franchising
  • How to Purchase a Franchise ('90)

IMDC Australia Pty Ltd

  • Marketing and Selling to the Japanese in the 1990s
  • Negotiating Successfully with the Japanese ('92) Dr Robert March

Infoworks International, USA

  • Corporate Recovery and Survival Strategies: Proven Skills for Managing in Challenging Times ('98)
  • High Performance Branch-based Marketing Strategies ('99)
  • Managing Successful Projects: Real World Skills for Project Managers and Teams ('99) Dr Steven Lesser

Institute Advertising Communication Training

  • Managing Corporate Publications: Editorial & Design ('95-'96)
  • Effective Writing for Corporate Publications ('95-'96)
  • Effective Design for Corporate Publications ('95-'96)
  • Working with the Media ('95-'96)
  • National Conference on Winning Sales Promotion through Creativity and Discipline officiated by YB Kerk Choo Ting, Deputy Minister of International Trade Malaysia
  • 7th IAA Education Conference ('96) officiated by YB Dr Goh Cheng Teik, Deputy Minister, Land and Cooperative Development Malaysia
  • Managing the Media & Media Crisis Management ('97)
  • Effective Writing for the Media ('97)
  • Eric Loo, Barry Lowe and Cecile Torda Lowe

Institute of Public Relations Malaysia

  • National Symposium on Towards Better Media Relations officiated by YB Encik Raily Jeffrey, Malaysian Deputy Minister of Information ('88)

International Federation of Training and Development Organisations
Malaysian Institute of Personnel Management

  • The 26th IFTDO World Conference and Exhibition on Training and Development: Wholistic Human Resource Development: New Paradigms ('97)

International Management Centre for Development, UK

  • Team Management Psychographics
  • Marketing and Selling Bank Services Dr Gordon Wills ('89)

International Marketing Associates, UK

  • Managing Export Marketing
  • How to Get More Business by Phone
  • Management Techniques for the Newly Appointed or Prospective Manger
  • Expand Your Market Through Customer Service Strategies ('90-'92) Bernard Katz

Jamilah Ang Associates

  • National Secretaries Conference on Professional Secretaries: Moving Ahead into the 1990s officiated by YB Dato' Napsiah Omar, Minister of Public Enterprises Malaysia

JL Kellogg Graduate School of Management,
NorthwesternUniversity, USA

  • High Performance Marketing Strategies for Profit ('91,'93) Dr Philip Kotler
  • Continuing Battle for International Competitiveness ('91) Dr Douglas Lamont
  • How to Use the New Public Relations to Gain a CompetitiveMarketing Edge ('92)
    Dr Thomas Harris

KF Project Center, Sweden

  • Applied Warehousing and Distribution for Better Customer Service and Higher Profitability ('90)
  • Increasing Purchasing Effectiveness ('92)

LN Stern School of Business, New York University, USA

  • Predicting Corporate Financial Distress ('92) Dr Edward Altman

Malaysian Association of Convention and Exhibition Organisers and Suppliers

  • Trade Exhibitions - Your Key to Marketing Success ('99) officiated by YB Dato' Seri Rafidah Aziz, Minister of International Trade and Industry Malaysia

Malaysian Investors' Association

  • National Stock Market Seminar on Bulls or Bears in 1989

Marketing Science Institute, Australia

  • Relationship Marketing
  • Relationship Selling
  • Effective Sales Force Management Clive H Porter ('93-'97)

Megatrends Asia

  • Key to the NEXT Malaysian Miracle:Content Enterprises ('99) Foong Wai Fong
  • Future Dialogue: HIGH TECH High Touch (2000) John Naisbitt

Mt Eliza Australian Management College

  • Financial and Credit Analysis ('91-'92)
  • Project and Investment Evaluation ('91-'92)
  • Senior Management Development Program for ASEAN Managers (2 week residential program '91)

National Information Technology Council (NITC), MIMOS Berhad and Multimedia Development Corporation Sdn Bhd

  • MULTIMEDIA ASIA '98: The 3rd Official Presentation of the Largest and Specialized
  • Multimedia Conference and Exhibition in Asia For Malaysia's Multimedia Super Corridor ('98)

Negotiate Limited, UK

  • Negotiation Power ('91-'92, '97) Dr Gavin Kennedy

NetTrak Services, Scotland

  • The Internet Business Seminar '95: Outperform the Competition on Internet officiated by YB Dato' Abu Bakar Daud, Malaysian Deputy Minister of Science, Technology & Environment

Nimai & Associates, New Zealand

  • Accelerated Finance for Non-Financial Executives: Incorporating the Concept of Mind Mapping for Greater Retention and Understanding ('95)

Peter Chadwick Leadership Institute

  • Leadership at the Edge ('97) Danah Zohar

Pintas Consultancy

  • Y2K Millennium Bug: Your Legal Rights and Liabilities ('99) Dr Abu Bakar

Ries and Ries Inc, USA

  • The Power of Focus ('97) Al Ries

Rivkin and Associates Inc, USA

  • The Naming Workshop ('97) Steve Rivkin

Shell Services International

  • World-Class Procurement Excellence: Best Practice Strategies For Substantial Bottom-Line Results (2000)Arold de Vries

SIRIM Berhad

  • Asia-Pacific CAD/CAM Seminar '97: Keys to Productivity and Efficiency

Strategic Management at Babson College, USA

  • Competitor Analysis & Intelligence: Analyzing your Competitors' Strategies and Linking
  • Competitor Analysis to Competitive Advantage ('94) Dr Liam Fahey

Swedish Management Group

  • Profitability Improvement Analysis ('89)

Teesside Politechnic, UK

  • The Star Education Fair '89
  • 3rd Asia Pacific International Exhibition on Academic Institutions & Educational Tools Fair '89
  • The Use of Color in Marketing ('89)

Tom Peters, World Renowned Management Guru, USA

  • Tom Peters Live! ASEAN's Management Seminar of the Year
    Kuala Lumpur ('93); Manila ('94)

Trout & Partners Inc, USA

  • Winning Marketing & Positioning Strategies ('93, '94) Al Ries and Jack Trout
  • Latest Thinking on Positioning ('96) Jack Trout and Steve Rivkin
    Officiated by YB Dato' Seri Dr Lim Kheng Yaik, Minister of Primary Industries Malaysia

University of Hull, UK

  • Master of Business Administration Degree by Distance Learning (2 year program)

University of Strathclyde, UK

  • Master of Science in International Marketing Degree (Distance Learning)
  • Strategic Marketing for Competitive Success ('91) Dr Michael Baker

University of Texas at Austin, USA

  • Psychographics and Advertising Strategies
  • Breaking into the Global Market ('89) Dr Edward Cundiff and Dr Marye Tharp

University of Southern California, USA

  • 21st Century Leadership Dr Warren Bennis

Value Focus and Global Alliance International, UK

  • Corporate Valuation Techniques ('96-'98)
  • Mergers and Acquisition Techiques
  • Strategic Share Valuation Techniques Dr Roger Mills

Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

  • Managing New Product Development: Strategies and Tactics for Bringing Product and Service Innovations to the Marketplace('95) Dr George Day

World-Recognized Expert on Strategic Alliance, USA

  • Crafting Strategic Alliances: Corporate Partnerships forGrowth and Profit ('95) Dr Jordan D. Lewis

The list goes on...!



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